This blog is very PR friendly and works closely with brands and companies to help promote various items.

Please read the relevant section below, depending on what you’re emailing about.

If you want to involve my blog with any of the following, email me at

Samples & Products

If you wish to send me any items for review then please let me know! I’ll happily take a look at anything. I will always give an honest opinion and reserve the right to decline if it doesn’t fit in with my blog aesthetic.

Reviews for skincare may take a few weeks to go up on my blog as I like to try products out for several weeks! For items such as clothes, jewellery etc the turnaround time for a post will be a lot shorter.

Sponsored Posts & Links

I do accept sponsored posts/links, as long as they fit in with the themes of my blog.

I only host sponsored posts if it’s mutually beneficial. If you don’t have ‘a budget for bloggers’ or can’t offer anything in return, then I will be unable to place an article on my blog on your behalf.

Please email me with your budget and timescale and we can go from there!


If you wish to do a sponsored giveaway on my blog at any time, then please email me!



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