Collection Naturally Matt Foundation Review


Ever since the hype around the Lasting Perfection Concealer, I’ve been a fan of Collection. The concealer, along with quite a few other products of theirs have been of such great quality, I never ever thought that I would come across a bad product. I recently popped into Boots and decided I would like to try one of their foundations. My hopes of never finding a bad product were soon shattered. The product that ruined Collection for me was their Naturally Matt Foundation. Read my full review below on this disastrous product (which I don’t even know how they can call a foundation).

The Naturally Matt (doesn’t the way they’ve spelt matte really annoy you, where’s the e?) Foundation is described as a mineral-enriched, lightweight foundation that provides an all-day fresh matte finish. Apparently you can wave goodbye to shine with this product, as it creates a flawless and mattified base. The foundation comes in 6 classic shades (not entirely sure what makes a shade of foundation classic!) which contain UVA & UVB sun protection and are fragrance free.

I’m sure regular readers of my blog will know, that I don’t ever write bad reviews. I don’t usually like writing them (if something is bad then I just won’t put it on my blog at all), but when a product is this awful, I feel an obligation to tell you about it. To believe I was excited to try this product is a joke. I don’t even know where to start with this review. Everything you expect from a good foundation was missing (oh actually, the colour match was pretty good, but that’s literally it). The foundation was mousse-like in texture (which made me think it may have pretty good coverage), but as soon as you start blending it into your skin it disappears. I’m sure it must be like 99% water. There was NO coverage at all. So what did I do next? I added another layer, this did literally nothing. I looked as though I had no makeup on. Collection say this foundation is matte, which it is not (although it does totally dry out your skin). I wore this for a whole day (I know, I can’t believe I did either) and let me tell you, there was nothing matte about my face. From the moment I put it on, there was visible shine. They did get one thing right when naming this though, natural. If you need no coverage whatsoever and want to look like you have zero makeup on, this may be perfect for you, but for the rest of us it’s totally not even worth the £2.99 I paid for it.

If you still wish to give the Collection Naturally Matt Foundation a go (just to see how bad it really is!), you can purchase it for £2.99 at Boots.

Have you tried this foundation? Have you had a bad experience with a Collection product? Please leave comments below.



Simple Kind To Skin Deep Cleansing Face Mask Review


Being a beauty blogger with not-the-best-skin, I’ve tried tons of face masks (as I’m sure a lot of you also have). I thought, like most that the fancy and expensive face masks would be a nice treat for my skin every week, but I soon found that most of them were loaded with unnecessary ingredients that seemed to react badly with my skin. Recently, I decided to go back to a much more basic product, that I knew had worked for me in the past. That product was Simple’s Deep Cleansing Face Mask. I had previously loved this face mask, so couldn’t wait to try it out once again.

The Simple Deep Cleansing Face Mask is described by the brand as a perfect blend of active ingredients and vitamin goodness, which draws out deep dirt and eliminates dead skin cells. The skin loving nutrients and vital vitamins work to restore, soften, smooth, moisturise, cleanse and purify for a fresh and healthy complexion. Dermatologically tested and approved, it should be perfect for even sensitive skin and shouldn’t upset your face in any imaginable way. Find out what I thought about the mask below.

 As I knew I had tried and loved this product before (even if it was 2-3 years ago), I had high expectations for it. The first time I used it again, I remembered how lovely it was to apply. I’ve tried using this mask in two different ways: over the whole face and dabbing on blemishes. Both worked perfectly. When applied, this face mask feels like your putting a thick cream on your face. After 2-3 minutes it sets a little, but it doesn’t feel tight on your skin which is how most face masks containing clay tend to feel. Knowing that it won’t cause any dryness means instead of using once a week, you can use it whenever you feel like pampering your face. After the specified time, I washed off the mask with warm water and my skin felt fresh, detoxified and softer than before. I find that this product is definitely more of a soothing, gentle face mask to use. I hope that saying that doesn’t make you think that it doesn’t really do anything, because it really does give your skin a deep clean (trust me, you can feel it). To be totally honest, I have no idea why I stopped using it (probably to try a more higher-end face mask). I know one thing, I won’t be swapping this out for another product again anytime soon.

The Simple Deep Cleansing Face Mask is currently £3.99 from Boots.

What’s your favourite face mask? Have you tried this one from Simple? Please leave comments below.



Current Non-Beauty Favourites


Now I know this blog is and will always be about beauty and makeup (I mean lipstick is even in the name), but today I wanted to share with you a few of my current non-beauty favourites, to change it up a little bit. I do have a lot of non-beauty faves but these three are the most current, most used and most appreciated. I’ve included what I think is a real mix of products, with hopefully something for everyone (especially fellow bloggers).

Doodles & Works Of Frickin Art! Notebook* – £5.00

I love drawing, writing, doodling and making lists, which means I ultimately love notebooks. Having a notebook close by means I can jot down my ideas easily and whenever I need to. Recently I’ve been using this simple notebook from Heather Alstead. I love the quote on the front and the gold foil makes it stand out from the usual, ordinary notebooks. It’s the perfect blogger notebook.

Set Of 3 Mini Cacti – £4.50

I love plants but I never remember to water them, hence the reason these easy-to-care-for cacti have made my non-beauty faves. I currently have these cacti situated on my desk, they add a really nice earthy vibe to the area. Doesn’t the fact that they are mini make them so adorable? I think so anyway! I chose pink coloured pots, they fit well with my Instagram (and blog) theme!

Small Coconut & Autumn Leaves Candles* – £5.00 each

I’ve had these candles for some time now, and I absolutely love burning them. I was never really into candles but these have enticed me to buy more scents. The scents I currently have are coconut and autumn leaves, both quite perfect for this time of year. The coconut scent (my favourite) is very soft and delicate, whilst autumn leaves will give quite a leafy, rich scent to your home.

What are your current non-beauty favourites? Please leave comments below.



*Contains PR Samples*