Square Selfie

I’m Lottie, a 24-year-old Fashion Design graduate from London. I started my blog in January 2014, so I’m quite familiar with blogging and the lovely blogger community. Since starting, I have become obsessed with blogging, fashion, beauty and personal style. I can usually be found browsing the makeup aisles at Boots, hands covered in lipstick swatches (like most beauty bloggers), or spending my afternoons wandering around Topshop.

I write about a few different things on my blog but the main topic will always be beauty. Lifestyle, fashion and interior design posts may be thrown in to the mix every now and then. I also have a love for photography, art, and travelling.

I love my blog readers very much and can’t thank you enough for following this blog.

I hope you enjoy reading my little blog and if you ever want to have a chat, you can always contact me via Twitter @lottiejohnson66 or email me at charlotte-johnson66@hotmail.co.uk. I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for visiting :)

Lottie xoxo


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