Threads Beauty Be-Bop & Sex Kitten Lashes Review

Okay, so where do I start with lashes? Since the first time I ever tried to apply them, I’ve seen lashes as something that is very fiddly, hard to apply, heavy on the eyes and just kind of unnecessary for everyday wear. Saying this however, I have tried quite a few times to apply and wear them (as I do love they way they look), but it has failed every single time. Anyone else have this problem? Surely it can’t just be me! Last week Threads Beauty asked if I’d like to review some of their lashes. I thought I might as well try one last time with falsies. I received them a few days ago and have been trying them out over the past few days. Read my review below.

Threads Beauty describe their lashes as hand-made, extra flexible and comfortable to wear. All of their lashes are made with feather weight technology, helping them from feeling heavy on your eyes like most lashes do. All lashes come with full instructions on the best way to apply them, I will definitely be referring to them! I need all the help I can get with lashes! The glue provided is fragrance and latex free, so should be perfect for even sensitive eyes. I was sent two of their best-selling pairs to try: the Be-Bop and Sex Kitten lashes.

Threads Beauty offer many sets of lashes, from natural-looking varieties to dramatic, glam types, there is something for everyone and every occasion. I was sent a pair from each end of the spectrum. The Be-Bop lashes* are very wispy and fine, they complement everyday makeup very well. They add lots of definition to the eyes and make lashes seem a lot longer. Perfect for those of you who have short eyelashes, like me! The Sex Kitten lashes* are more elegant and look very seductive. They have a winged out effect when worn, which pairs perfectly with liner. I would probably only wear these in the evenings. It took me a few tries to get them on perfectly, I haven’t tried in a long time to wear them, but the instructions definitely helped with application. I applied them with my tweezers instead of fingers as I find this works better for me. I did have to cut the lashes down as they were slightly big for my eyes, but I find that with all lashes. You may not have to cut them down. The glue that comes with most lashes is usually pretty useless, but this glue dried clear and was soon invisible to see. The glue didn’t irritate my eyes and was tacky enough to hold the lashes to my lash line all day. If you are terrible at applying lashes but want to wear them, these could help you get it right. You should definitely try a pair from Threads Beauty before you give up!

All lashes from Threads Beauty cost only £9.00. If you would like to purchase some you can do so through the website. Want to know more? Follow them on Instagram for the latest on their products.

Which pair of lashes are your favourite? Will you be trying any from Threads Beauty? Please leave comments below.



*Contains PR Samples*


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