Favourite Pieces Of Jewellery

favourite pieces of jewellery

Jewellery is an essential part of getting dressed in the mornings for me. I feel like jewellery along with other accessories is what completes an outfit. I like a wearing a mix of real and costume jewellery, see my favourite pieces below.

Art Deco Gold Drop Earrings – Don’t you think these earrings look super glam? I like to wear them with my hair up (so I can show them off). I absolutely love the geometric design. It’s one of my favourite styles for jewellery. They’re a piece that can instantly change your look from casual to dressy. As amazing as they are, they can feel a little heavy on your ears after wearing them for a long time.

Mixed Metal Heart Ring – This is the only ring I wear and I wear it everyday on my pinkie finger (it’s too small to fit any other finger now). I actually haven’t taken it off in a very long time (apart from when I was taking these photos of course). I feel lost without it. I love that it mixes gold and silver and the small gem in the centre makes it even more special. I’ve had this piece for years and hope to be wearing it for many more.

Gold Cog/Flower Necklace – Compared to everything else in this post, this piece is rather chunky and bold, which is why I adore it so much. Delicate pieces are great, but statement pieces give a wow factor to your look. I’m not sure if it’s made up of flowers or cogs (I prefer to think of them as flowers). I’m actually thinking about turning this piece into a choker to give it a little update (so keep an eye out for that post).

Light Blue Collar Necklace – This is probably the simplest piece of jewellery I own. I like that it’s quite plain, I can wear it on its own for a more basic look or with more complex and decorative pieces. The colour of this collar necklace is absolutely gorgeous. I definitely want to get more jewellery in this beautiful blue shade now. I can’t believe it only cost me £2.99 in a River Island sale.

Gold Dragonfly Necklace* – This piece was actually gifted to me by Lily-Mo Jewellery (for this post) and I have worn it plenty since I received it. It’s minimal, but still manages to be effortless. You can literally wear it with anything and it’ll look so pretty. I’m so glad I have it in my collection, it will always be a favourite. A dragonfly is such a unique animal, you don’t expect to find it on jewellery.

Gold Charm Bracelet – I got this bracelet for my 14th birthday, and I still absolutely love it. I haven’t added any more charms to it yet, but definitely will. Currently I have mostly animals on it (turtle/owl/lion/cat etc), I also have a teddy bear, a moon, a flower and a few other charms. I’m not sure where this was brought, but I’m sure you could create something similar at a well-known jewellery store.

Orange & Gold Wrap Necklace – I picked up this piece on one of my many trips to Topshop (I go in there ALOT). Orange is one of my favourite shades and I have a weakness for gold jewellery, which is why I couldn’t leave the store without it. I love the style of the necklace, and how it frames the collarbone. It’s a perfect piece for Summer, and will add statement to any outfit.

Silver Seashell Charm Bracelet – I can’t remember when I got this bracelet but I know that I loved it as soon as I saw it. I would never take it off. I actually lost it once (it was far too big for my wrist and dropped off without me noticing) and when I couldn’t find it, I decided to go back to the store and buy another one! This is actually the only silver piece of jewellery I wear at the moment.

Which piece is your favourite? Please leave comments below.



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