Desert Island Beauty Picks


Today’s post as you can probably tell, is all about desert island beauty. Now I know for most people, beauty-enhancing items might not be a top priority (more likely the last thing on your mind) on a desert island, but if you’re like me (obsessed with everything beauty and makeup related) you’ll still want to be looking your best, with the essentials you can’t live without. In this post, I’ll reveal which three makeup picks I’d choose if I should ever be stranded on a desert island. Let’s just forget the fact that no one will actually be seeing me on this imaginary desert island!

Mascara – So the first of my three picks which I’m sure most of you (if not all) will agree with, would definitely be mascara. I love the effect mascara can have on your eyes. It makes you look more awake and gives you big and more open eyes. Also I love the definition you get, which my small eyes need. The mascara that I’m pretty much in love with at the moment is the Maybelline Great Lash in blackest black, obviously. It’s great for natural-looking lashes.

Highlighter – Highlighter looks great on a normal day in London, but on a sun-drenched desert island and on beautifully tanned skin, it would look even better don’t you think? Who wouldn’t want to look all glowy on a desert island? I know I definitely would. My highlighter of choice for this situation would be the Collection Speedy Highlighter. It would be easy and quick to apply, it’s creamy (which I would think works better than powder in the heat) and it’s a gorgeous golden colour.

Lipstick – Lipstick gives an amazing pop of colour to the face, which is why it’s my last choice (not to mention, it’s my favourite beauty product of all time). As we have no eyeshadow or liner, it’s definitely necessary and will make the lips stand out and look super bold. I think with a tan, bright lipstick looks best, so I decided to go for this fuchsia shade from L’Oréal. It’s more like a gloss, but has the intensity of a lipstick (and it moisturises the lips too). Perfect for the desert island look.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what beauty items would you wish you had with you? Please leave comments below.




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