Current Non-Beauty Favourites


Now I know this blog is and will always be about beauty and makeup (I mean lipstick is even in the name), but today I wanted to share with you a few of my current non-beauty favourites, to change it up a little bit. I do have a lot of non-beauty faves but these three are the most current, most used and most appreciated. I’ve included what I think is a real mix of products, with hopefully something for everyone (especially fellow bloggers).

Doodles & Works Of Frickin Art! Notebook* – £5.00

I love drawing, writing, doodling and making lists, which means I ultimately love notebooks. Having a notebook close by means I can jot down my ideas easily and whenever I need to. Recently I’ve been using this simple notebook from Heather Alstead. I love the quote on the front and the gold foil makes it stand out from the usual, ordinary notebooks. It’s the perfect blogger notebook.

Set Of 3 Mini Cacti – £4.50

I love plants but I never remember to water them, hence the reason these easy-to-care-for cacti have made my non-beauty faves. I currently have these cacti situated on my desk, they add a really nice earthy vibe to the area. Doesn’t the fact that they are mini make them so adorable? I think so anyway! I chose pink coloured pots, they fit well with my Instagram (and blog) theme!

Small Coconut & Autumn Leaves Candles* – £5.00 each

I’ve had these candles for some time now, and I absolutely love burning them. I was never really into candles but these have enticed me to buy more scents. The scents I currently have are coconut and autumn leaves, both quite perfect for this time of year. The coconut scent (my favourite) is very soft and delicate, whilst autumn leaves will give quite a leafy, rich scent to your home.

What are your current non-beauty favourites? Please leave comments below.



*Contains PR Samples*


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