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For a long time, I didn’t know what to use to enhance my blog images. If you look back at my older posts, my images weren’t the best. I’ve learnt through blogging how to make them look better and for the most part, that is with props (apart from editing of course). I didn’t want to spend loads of money on props for my images, so I decided to use things I already had lying around the house. I managed to find quite a few bits and bobs to use, and they have become a necessary part of blogging for me. Continue reading to find out what I use when taking my blog photos.

Wallpaper/Magazines – I rely on wallpaper samples to give great backgrounds to my blog photos. There are many types of wallpaper you can get, from marbled (a blogger favourite) to brick to patterned. You can get these free from shops like Homebase. I also like to use magazines. I tend to tear pages out that fit with my theme and use them to add a pop of colour to my photos.

Tinsel/Confetti – Personally, I need something going on in the background of a photo. I like my images to be packed full of things to look at. For this reason I use things like confetti. I also like using tinsel, but that’s more seasonal. I tend to only use tinsel in December, it gives a festive look to my photos. You could also use petals, leaves, sequins etc for other times of year to give your photos more personality.

Beads/Ribbon – One day I was looking for something new to add to my photos and thought I would try out ribbon and beads as I hadn’t seen anyone else using it. It actually turned out quite well and I loved the effect these items give to my photos. You can purchase many types and colours of ribbon and beads from haberdashery stores for next to nothing. It’s a great way to add a particular theme or style to your photos.

Jewellery/Cacti – I think most bloggers use some form of jewellery in their photos. Whether that be rings, necklaces or pretty hair pins, jewellery can easily add a glam feel to your images. Cacti are only a recent addition to my photos. I didn’t have any smaller plants so I decided to purchase some for prop purposes. I’m loving the fresh look they are giving my photos at the moment.

What photo props do you use for blogging? Have you tried any props mentioned? Please leave comments below.




2 thoughts on “Blog Photo Props

  1. Great ideas! Props really do make such a difference to blog photos. I’ve been loving all the festive props I’ve been using in my blogmas photos recently. You can be so creative with it xx

    Lauren |

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