Dollup Beauty Rose Gold Makeup Case Review

Doll Up Beauty Case Resized

Doll Up Beauty Case1 Resized

Travelling with all of your daily makeup bits can often be a nightmare (I think most of us have probably experienced red lipstick drawn all over the bottom of our handbags!). Whether its packing your travel beauty products or taking a few essentials to work with you, searching for the product that you want without tipping out the contents of your entire bag happens on rare occasion. I find this most irritating when going on holiday. Not having a case to store all of my beauty essentials means that I have products loose in my bag. My trusty foundations and creams have leaked whilst my favourite eyeshadows and blushers are smashed to pieces by the time I arrive at my destination. I’m hoping to solve this dilemma with the Doll Up Beauty case.

The Doll Up Beauty Case* gives you a stylish way to organise your makeup. It turns from a gorgeous clutch bag into your personal and portable vanity, meaning you can touch-up your face with ease wherever you are. With a mirror, elastic bands and a magnetic board, there’s space for all of your precious daily cosmetics. The case comes in 5 colours, I got mine in rose gold. Read my review below.

So let me just tell you all now that I absolutely adore this case. It’s makes life so much easier and offers a great way for you to carry your makeup around, whilst also being extremely stylish. How gorgeous does it look? Isn’t it the prettiest makeup case you’ve ever seen? I’m loving everything rose gold at the moment, so this is right up my street. The gold hardware against the pinky shade gives it a really chic feel. I usually take it out with me in my handbag, but if all you need is your makeup, it’d be perfect to use as a clutch. With this there’s no more searching around for loose products at the bottom of your bag, everything’s held securely in place and you know where all of your beauty bits are. We can finally say goodbye to the days of digging around our bags for the lipstick shade we want. The elastic bands are a great feature, I use them to hold my lipsticks, concealer, mascara, eyeliner and sometimes even brushes. You never know when you might need one! The mirror on the opposite side is the perfect size for on-the-go use. Weather you’re fixing your makeup on the train or walking down the street, it’s large enough for you to see your whole face and will help you apply perfect-looking makeup wherever you are. The magnetic board is located beneath the mirror and means you don’t have to carry a load of palettes around. Just slip the pans you’re using for that day out of their cases and form your very own customisable palette in the case. I like to use this section for my blushers, highlighters and eyeshadow if I’m wearing any. This is an amazing product that I’m really in love with, you should definitely check it out.

The Doll Up Beauty case costs $52 (approximately £37) from the Doll Up Beauty website. Will you be purchasing your own beautiful case? What are your thoughts on this unique idea from Doll Up Beauty? Follow them here on Instagram and Twitter. Please leave comments below.



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