Favourite Brand For Nail Polish: Barry M

Barry M Main Resized

Barry M Resized

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Swatches (Clockwise From Top) – Pit Stop//Blue Grape//Coconut//Lap Of Honour

I love nail polish, painting my nails is one of my favourite weekly pampering rituals. I’ve got so many colours that I’ve collected over the past year or so, from tons of different brands. I think I’ve actually even got multiple bottles of some shades. As I’m sure most of you know, not every nail polish formula is great, some I’ve tried have been truly awful. Thick, gloopy formulas that don’t apply evenly are just useless and don’t even get me started on varnishes that chip when you wash your hands. How frustrating is that? One high-street brand that really seems to get nail polish right though, is Barry M.

Barry M nail polishes all dry quickly and produce a beautiful finish. All the colours I’ve tried apply smoothly and streak free. The wide brushes make them effortless to use, you always get perfectly manicured nails. Once dry, the colour can last on your nails without chipping for around 5 days, which is brilliant wear time. Along with all these plus points, they also create some of the most gorgeous shades. Read about my favourites below.

Pit Stop – I said in one of my previous posts that Pit Stop was my all time favourite nail colour, and I’m glad to report that it still is. This unique colour is a mix of grey and purple and unlike any other shade I own. It’s such a beautiful but subtle shade to wear, and perfect if you love pared-down shades.

Blue Grape – This shade is definitely one of the more statement colours in my nail polish collection, which is one of the reasons I love it. Blue Grape is a very intense royal blue, and happens to be my favourite blue shade. I can see myself wearing this electric colour a lot over the next few months.

Coconut – You may assume that a nail polish named Coconut would be a pure white shade, but it’s actually a much more of a creamy, off-white colour (definitely preferable to stark white). It’s a great neutral to have in your collection and gives nails a really clean, minimal and chic appearance.

Lap Of Honour – Lap Of Honour is an absolutely stunning pastel lilac shade. It brings a lovely pop of Spring colour to your nails all year round, and looks fab pared with other pastel shades. I usually stick to natural or darker shades, but this colour is so gorgeous I just couldn’t resist it.

You can currently purchase the Gelly Hi-Shine Nails Paints and the Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paints for £2.99 each at Boots (normally £3.99 each). What is your favourite brand for nail polish? Please leave comments below.



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11 thoughts on “Favourite Brand For Nail Polish: Barry M

  1. I love Barry M nail polishes! My collection is a little out of hand but they’re some of the best available in the drug store, so hard not to keep buying.

    Brianne xo

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