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Bouf Homeware & Gifts

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I’ve got something a little different for you Today. I was recently looking for some pretty homeware items and I came across Bouf (the online design-led homeware retailer). In case you haven’t heard of Bouf, it’s a homeware marketplace in which a select range of smaller brands can sell their beautiful, and unique one-of-a-kind pieces. They are currently stocking some amazing pieces from some gorgeous brands, so I decided to get in touch with them. I was sent some incredible products to review. Have a read about the three pieces and brands I’ve fallen in love with below.

Lily-Mo Jewellery – Lily-Mo is a family-run jewellery company for the playful types, based in Edinburgh. This new, edgy and contemporary brand plays with nature to bring you exceptional pieces for every occasion you could possibly imagine. Their quiet, subtle designs are just enough for any girl to express her unique sense of style and personality. Although pieces are minimal, they’re never boring but instead effortless. If you’re the type of girl to just throw on anything in the morning and still look put together, you’ll love Lily-Mo and their uncomplicated aesthetic. Their latest collection is called Little Creatures. Bee’s, Starfish, Bird’s and Dragonfly’s all make an appearance. The piece that really attracted me to the brand was the Dragonfly Necklace*. I’ve never seen anything like it, it’s such a pretty and unique necklace to have in you collection. You can literally wear it with anything and it finishes off an outfit perfectly. It’s the only jewellery I’ve been wearing recently, that’s how much I love it. If you’re an animal lover like myself you’ll adore any of Lily-Mo’s current pieces, all of which are 20% off in the Bouf sale.

Heather Alstead Design – Focused on fairy tales and fantasies, Heather Alstead Design will draw you straight back into the magical and legendary world’s of Alice in Wonderland, Goldilocks and Cinderella. Heather designs and creates quirky, fun and whimsical products that reflect her personality. She graciously sent me one of her products to include in this post. The Doodles & Works Of Frickin Art Notebook* is one of four plain notebooks that are wonderful for sketching out ideas, taking notes or drawing. I’ve actually been using it to plan out my blog posts recently. I love that the pages are blank. Most notebooks seem to come with lined paper, which obviously isn’t ideal if you like to draw or doodle on occasion. The gold foiled phrase on the cover makes me love it even more. It’s such a simple but chic idea and looks great against the cardboard-like background. Whether your favourite fairy tale is Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs or Rapunzel, your sure to find something you’ll love from Heather Alstead. All of her products are made in Britain and range from bookends to stationary to mirrors. Find all of her mystical designs on Bouf.

Leonora Hammond – Leonora Hammond is one of my favourite brands, I have a weakness for their products. It was incredibly hard to choose one piece to include in this post, but I decided on this Marilyn Monroe Quote Print*. It’s such a brilliant quote isn’t it? And it’s in black and white, my favourite colours! This minimal piece looks amazing amongst all of my other fashion and beauty prints. It would even look beautiful by itself on a plain white wall, if you’re after a super sophisticated effect. The typography is so gorgeous, I love the creative layout of the quote. It’s printed on beautiful satin finish photographic paper and can easily be put in a frame. If you’re thinking about creating a trendy gallery wall in your home (something I’m currently trying to do), this would be the perfect piece to start with. This design is also available in a wall sticker, should you want a larger version of the quote. As well as selling beautiful prints and wall stickers, Leonora Hammond can also personalise prints for you, which could make brilliant Valentine’s day gifts. I’d definitely recommend visiting their shop on Bouf to see the full range.

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*Contains PR Samples*

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Mini Lush Haul – Twilight & Lover Lamp Bath Bombs

Mini Lush Haul

Left To Right – Twilight//Lover Lamp

Lush is one of my favourite stores and the most perfect place to buy all of your bath bits. From shower gels to face masks to bath bombs, they have everything you could possibly need for a great, relaxing bath. I hadn’t visited the store in a while, so decided to go in last Thursday and see what new, exciting products I could pick up. Their bath bombs are a particular favourite of mine so I purchased two I haven’t tried yet, Twilight and Lover Lamp. Read my review of these two below.

Lover Lamp – If you’ve seen or used Lover Lamp before you may be able to tell from the photo above that this isn’t exactly how it looks. Unfortunately mine crumbled to pieces in my hand when I took it from its wrapping, so I had to improvise when taking this photo by balancing the hearts on top of what was left. Other than that, this bath bomb has been an absolute treat to use. When you place it into your bath, it fizzes like crazy and releases beautiful heart confetti. The larger hearts are made up of cocoa butter and coat the skin with intense moisture. Unlike most Lush products, Lover Lamp doesn’t change the colour of the water, but it does create a calming, creamy and softening bath for you to soak in. The smell of this bath bomb has become one of my favourites. A heavenly subtle mix of orange and vanilla fills the bathroom and it kind of smells like Chocolate Orange. Who doesn’t love the smell of Chocolate Orange? I’m definitely going to be stocking up on this Valentine’s day product.

Twilight – Described by Lush as a bath bomb to help you get a good night rest, Twilight is the perfect accompaniment to a late night bath. As good a reason as that is to pick up a bath bomb, I decided to buy it based solely on how pretty it is. The reason I but most things is down to their level of prettiness to be honest or because it fits in nicely with my Instagram theme (I’m sure you can relate). When I dropped this bath bomb into the water, a swirl of baby pink and blue patterns appeared, which was an amazing surprise, and it looked so beautiful. The pastel colours soon disappear and the water turns a deep, glittering purple, resembling a midnight sky. When you step out of the bath, the shimmering silver particles cover you skin, and leave you glistening. This bath bomb is very different to the smell of Lover’s Lamp. It immerses you in a quite a strong and intoxicating scent of lavender. After using this, I found that I did actually get a better night’s sleep. If you’ve had a long, tiring day, this bath bomb is guaranteed to relax you.

Which Lush products are your favourites? Have you tried either of the bath bombs mentioned? Please leave comments below.



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