Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner Review

Collection Eyeliner1

Liquid liners are not my favourite products. I find them quite hard to apply and the few I have used, have never produced a great result. The last time I tried a liquid liner was probably around 5 years ago. As it’s been such a long time, I thought I’d give them another try. This Collection liner has been praised by bloggers time and time again and is probably one of the drugstores best, so I decided to pick it up on my latest trip to Superdrug. Find out what I thought below.

The Collection Fast Stroke Liner is supposed to create a flawless flick in the easiest and most simple of ways. I’m hoping that means it’s great for liquid liner novices like myself. The soft nib applicator is useful for precision, whilst the formula provides a long-lasting effect. Described as a “firm favourite amongst fashionistas” this should be the perfect product to help me achieve the look I desire.

I was pleasantly surprised when I first applied this liner. I was half expecting it to re-create past experiences of panda eyes, but it was unpredictably easy to use. Creating the desired line was pretty simple. Weather you want a thick or very thin line, it’s incredibly effortless to create. The nib makes it quite easy to get a perfect flick (which I usually struggle with), and the formula dries within seconds, preventing the liquid from smudging (although this makes mistakes harder to correct). The colour unlike some other black liners, is actually black and not too watery or grey. The durability of the liner is amazing. It lasts brilliantly throughout the day, without ever transferring onto the upper eye-lid. If you haven’t already, I’d definitely suggest trying it. It’s the best liquid liner I’ve ever used. I now understand why it’s one of Collection’s most famous products.

The Fast Stroke Liner is currently £2.99 at Superdrug. What are thoughts on Collection’s Fast Stroke Liner?



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