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I recently got in touch with Magnitone, a brand that I’ve wanted to work with for a while now, and asked them if I could try and feature The Full Monty brush* on my blog. They kindly sent one over to me, and I have been loving it ever since. Before receiving this cleansing brush, I had never before used one. I feared that because my skin is quite dry and sensitive, they wouldn’t be at all suitable. I can’t tell you how wrong I was. Carry on reading for the full review.

The Full Monty brush is described by Magnitone as the ultimate multi-tasker. It cleanses, tones, exfoliates and buffs for gorgeous skin from head-to-toe. The brush is meant to give your skin a full workout, and a healthy glow that can’t be achieved when cleansing with your hands alone. The brush should be easy to use, and friendly to all skin-types whilst being 100% waterproof.

I started using the Full Monty brush over a week ago and my skin is so much smoother and seems to look a lot more purified now. The first few days of using the brush, I experienced a couple of breakouts, but these quickly disappeared to reveal a fresher and cleaner appearance. I’ve tried all 3 facial modes and love that there’s different speeds and variations for different skin types. In the morning I usually use the sensitive mode, as my face doesn’t need much of a workout and in the evening the pulse lift toning mode with my trusty cleanser. I find that all modes produce a great result without being harsh on the skin. The 20 second timers are also a brilliant feature, and mean that you never exfoliate an area too much. After only a minute of use, my skin feels so clean and has a baby soft texture. You can definitely see results after the first use and you keep seeing them with more usage. With fully cleansed pores, my skincare products sink straight into my face and are so easily absorbed. Makeup also seems easier to apply and has a much better finish. The body exfoliator and well-heeled foot brush heads give the same effect, but to the rest of your body. If you have any dry or rough patches of skin, you can easily count on the Full Monty to remove them. Since using, I’ve had pretty good looking skin daily. Try it out for yourself for radiant skin that you’ll want to show off everyday.

The Full Monty brush is available now at Magnitone for £130.00. Have you tried any products from the Magnitone range? Please leave comments below.



*Contains PR Samples*

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6 thoughts on “Magnitone The Full Monty Review

  1. I have the Magnitone Lucid and was thinking of upgrading to the Barefaced as QVC have it as a TSV today but I am now wondering if I should go for the Full Monty instead? Help!

    1. I haven’t tried the Barefaced, but since using The Full Monty my skin feels so much smoother and looks a lot brighter and clearer. You should definitely give it a try, you can use The Full Monty to exfoliate your whole body too :) Hope that helps xx

  2. This sounds absolutely amazing. I’ve been looking for a product like this for a while and it sounds right up my street.

    The only issue for me would be the price. This would either have to be something I saved up for and invested in (I’d have to make sure I used it often enough) or persuade people I know to chip in around my birthday.

    Either way, the product sounds great. Sounds like you’re really enjoying it.

    Rachael | Fizzpoppers

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