How I Edit My Blog Photos Using Photoshop

Edit Photos

Editing my blog photos is something that I actually enjoy doing. Many of you probably find it quite dull, but for me, taking something that’s not perfect and making it blog-worthy is actually quite rewarding. When I first started blogging I didn’t edit my photos much, but now I’ve learnt a few Photoshop tricks that make them look a lot prettier. I am not an expert in Photoshop, but hopefully the tips I share with you in this post will help you in some way.

Below is the original photo.


Brightness & Contrast – The first thing that I do when I put my photo into Photoshop is to tweak the brightness and contrast settings. When I take photos on my camera, they seem to look really bright and clear, but when at the editing stage they are always dull. To correct this, I put the brightness up by 40 and the contrast by 20. I base the contrast figure off the edited brightness setting. Whatever the amount, I always half it for contrast. This gives the photo a natural look and keeps it looking balanced. As you can see from the photo below, this makes a huge difference.


Colour Balance/Photo Filter – The colour balancing stage usually depends on what light I’ve taken the photo in that day. If taken in sunlight, it may have a yellow appearance and if taken on a dull, grey afternoon, the image tends to have blue undertones. The aim of colour balancing is to bring the colour back to white. Depending on the image, I achieve this by cooling down or warming up the photo. This photo was taken in sunlight which is great for bringing out details, but unfortunately makes it look very warm. I corrected the colour by moving the sliders towards cooler tones. I also added a cooling filter to the photo. I don’t usually take the setting higher than 10.

Colour Balance-CoolingPhoto Filter

Levels/Curves – If the photo I’m working on is still not bright enough in some areas, I use either curves or levels to alter the image. By selecting a particular part of the photo, it means that I’m not going to affect the rest (a trick I recently learnt). Once I’ve selected the parts of the photo I want to change using the quick selection tool, it’s just a case of moving the sliders until I’m happy with how it looks. In this photo, I brightened a few of the darker areas and deepened the look of the darker colours. This gives the image a more striking and bolder effect.


Healing Brush/Clone Stamp – The last step of the editing process is to fix any marks on the photo. If there is a mark on my image, like a lipstick smudge or crease on my background, I will erase it using Photoshop’s healing brush. I select a small area of the photo that I want to cover the mark with and then left-click over the affected area. It can easily be removed in seconds using this tool. If larger areas need correcting or you want to re-create a part of the image, the clone stamp is a great tool to use. In the above photo, I’m sure you can see a crease in the background. This stage helps me to remove that and create an image worthy of being used on my blog.

Clone Tool-Healing Brush

The final image.

How do you edit your blog photos? Do you use any of the same techniques? Please leave comments below.



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