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Chelsea Candle

Candles are not something that I usually think about buying, but around winter time, I do like to have comforting, festive scents filling the rooms in my home. Coming into your home from the cold and smelling your favourite fragrances seems like such a seasonal tradition. A new candle company based in Kent, Chelsea Candle, recently contacted me and asked if I’d like to try a couple of their products. I chose two scents, Coconut and Autumn Leaves. Read my thoughts on the candles below.

The Soft Scent – Coconut Candle*

Of the two fragrances I picked, I have to say that coconut is by far my favourite. When I first received the candles and even before I took it out of the package, I could smell the beautiful, creamy scent. When burning, it fills the room with a smooth, soft scent that instantly relaxes you, I could easily burn it all day. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to how gorgeous the smell of coconut is. The scent reminds me of summer quite a lot. A welcome memory during the cold winter months.

The Rich Fragrance – Autumn Leaves Candle*

As the name suggests, Autumn Leaves is an autumnal, leafy scent. The smell of the candle is pretty intoxicating and gives the room an entirely different feel to the coconut fragrance. Although the candle is quite strong when burning, I never find it overpowering. If you love the smell of fall and would like to bring that type of atmosphere into you’re home, this would be a great addition to your candle collection this Winter. You should definitely pick this up if you prefer intense woody fragrances.

Other fragrances that can currently be purchased from the Chelsea Candle website include Amber & Lavender, Green Tea & Lemon and Earl Grey Tea & Cucumber. All candles are priced at £5.00, which I think is a great bargain. Follow Chelsea Candle on Instagram for updates on new fragrances.

Will you be purchasing any candles from Chelsea Candle this Winter ? Please leave comments below.



*Contains PR Samples*

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