My Skirt Wardrobe & Tips On Styling Skirts This Autumn

Snake Skirt

Until the beginning of this year, I hadn’t really been into wearing skirts. I was definitely more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. More recently though, I’ve been more experimental with my fashion choices. Over the course of the year I’ve purchased many different types of skirts. In this post I’ll show you a few of my favourites and how you can wear them for the Autumn season.

Denim Skirt

The Button-Down Denim Skirt – From Topshop

I picked up this skirt (along with many other people) in the Summer from Topshop, but I think it’s quite a good all-year round piece. Worn with tights or even bare legs (if you’re feeling brave) and oversized jumpers with heeled black boots, it makes a great look for Autumn. It’s a very easy look to pull off and doesn’t require too much effort. Perfect for those days when you’re rushing out the door.

Suede Skirt

The On-Trend A-line Suede Skirt – From River Island

Suede seems to be a fabric that’s very on-trend this season. From jackets to skirts to tops, it’s everywhere. This suede A-line skirt from River Island is a very versatile piece. You can dress it up or down and it’s a great staple piece for your wardrobe. Recently I’ve been wearing it with basic grey crops and burgundy coloured fur-lined cardigans. I find these colours look awesome together and create a very autumnal feel.


The White Lacy Skirt – From Topshop (similar in black)

This lace skirt is super pretty and probably my favourite of the four. In summer it was easy to style up, but I’ve been having trouble styling it for Winter. It’s not a piece that works well with tights, so it’s a little difficult. I usually find that if I have my legs out in the cooler months, I need to add more on top. All the scarfs, coats and jumpers come out. I also think it looks amazing when paired with all white pieces, especially if the outfit has a lot of different textures.

Snake Skirt

The Statement Gold Snake Print Skirt – From River Island

This unique gold snake print skirt is very much a statement piece and should be the focal point of your look. When I first purchased it, I was unsure of how to wear the skirt, but I’ve realised that for a dressed-down look (which is the way I prefer to wear it), it looks amazing paired with denim pieces. A long-line denim shirt, wool coat and white converse is literally the perfect combination to wear it with.

How have you been styling skirts for Autumn? Please leave comments below.



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