Three Of My Bad Beauty Habits


Although I’m pretty consistent at keeping a good beauty routine, I still, just like you and everyone else have some bad beauty habits that I find hard to break. I never leave my makeup on overnight or forget to moisturise and always get my beauty sleep, but there are some bad beauty habits that I wish I didn’t have. Read about my three worst habits below.

Bad Beauty Habit No.1 – Forgetting To Wash My Makeup Brushes

I don’t know about you, but I find washing all my makeup brushes such a chore. I love having fresh, clean brushes to use (not only do they apply makeup like a dream but I also know they won’t break me out), but it’s something that I really don’t like doing. The last time I probably washed my brushes was about a month ago. I’m definitely going to have to wash them soon, I hate to think of them covered in bacteria.

Bad Beauty Habit No.2 – Picking At My Nail Polish

If my nail polish has started to chip and I want to re-paint my nails, instead of using a nail polish remover, I’ll pick at them until it’s all been taken off. This is a habit that I wish I could break so much. You end up picking sections of your nail off and doing this makes them look so dry and brittle. Not a healthy look for your nails at all or something you should be painting over.

Bad Beauty Habit No.3 – Never Wearing SPF

With all the skincare and beauty products that I apply everyday, I sometimes forget to apply SPF (one of the most important skincare elements). I know SPF is vital for a healthy complexion, but usually if the sun’s not out, I don’t apply it. Also, I find that if there is SPF in my foundation or any other makeup I’m using, I don’t feel like it’s that essential to wear, even though this is not a substitute for actual SPF.

What are your bad beauty habits? Please leave comments below.



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6 thoughts on “Three Of My Bad Beauty Habits

  1. My habits are like ten times worse lol. Everything you said in the beginning I do and its horrible. After a long day i just feel way to lazy to take it off uugghh and spf dont even get me started.

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