Three High-Street Brands That I Want To Try More From





A few weeks ago I posted my Three High-End Brands That I Want To Try More From post. Today I thought I’d share a few high-street brands that I have recently discovered and have been loving. I’ve tried a lot of the high-street beauty brands, these are just a few that I believe are worth trying more products from.

Collection – Most famous for their much-loved Lasting Perfection concealer, Collection are a brand that I’ve often just walked past in Boots. Their stand has never really stood out to me. However, I did purchase another item from the brand and that being of amazing quality as well is making me think that I should have taken notice of them much sooner. I’ve also heard that their Fast Stoke Eyeliner is an incredible product.

Barry M – If you read Yesterday’s blog post, you would have realised that the Speedy Nail Paints were my first Barry M purchase. Given how much praise they get, it’s surprising that I have only just got round to trying them out. The nail polishes are of such great quality and are the sole reason that I can’t wait to try more from the brand. Are there any Barry M products that you would recommend?

Makeup Revolution – I’m pretty sure that by now every-single beauty blogger has tried at least one product from the Makeup Revolution range. I’ve seen a ridiculous amount of posts on their products recently. Although I haven’t tried many of their makeup items, the few I have, I’ve totally been in love with. Their £4 eyeshadow palettes are some of my favourite high-street beauty items.

Which high-street brands do you want to try more from? Please leave comments below.



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