Collection Work The Colour Lip Butter Review

Lip Butter 1

Lip Butter 2

Other than Collection’s famous concealer, I haven’t heard much about their products or been drawn to anything in particular. As I love the concealer so much, it’s a permanent item in my makeup routine, I decided that it was time to take a look at some of their other products. When browsing the Collection stand, I came across these lip butters and they really stood out to me. I picked up two in the shades Vintage Rose and Perfect Plum.

The Collection Lip Butters claim to give you the perfect pout. With a soft and creamy texture the product should leave your lips feeling moisturised and looking dewy all day. They are quick and easy to apply and can give both a sheer or more intense, bold look to the lips.

Since using these lip crayons for the first time, I have been very impressed with the quality of them. The colours I have are very pretty on the lips. Vintage Rose is a great everyday soft pink shade, and gives a lovely sheen to the lips. Perfect Plum is my favourite of the two. The statement berry colour is perfect for Fall and will probably be on my lips a lot this Winter. The formula of these lip butters is gorgeous. The product glides onto the lips so smoothly and feels very hydrating, almost like a lip balm. The only downfall for me, is that they don’t last as long as other lip crayons, but I guess that’s to be expected with all moisturising lip products. You have to reapply every hour or so, especially after eating or drinking. It wears beautifully and leaves a lovely light stain on the lips. Collection have also recently brought out a matte version of the lip butters, which I cannot wait to try. Overall I’d say this product is definitely worth a try, but I wish they’d come out with more colours. Four just isn’t enough!

The Collection Lip Butters are available from Boots for £2.99 each, such a bargain for the quality of them. Have you tried the Collection Work The Colour Lip Butters? Please leave comments below.



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