Giorgio Armani Si Fragrance Collection Review




Giorgio Armani is a brand that has always captured my attention. Whether it be with their clothing, beauty products, shoes or fragrance’s, they always seem to stand out among a sea of other luxury designers. Recently I received a beautiful package from the brand, containing the collection of Si perfumes – something I was not at all expecting. It was very generous of Armani to send me this gift, so I thought I’d review these gorgeous perfumes on my blog Today. Keep reading for more info on all the fragrances.

Armani looked to his mother, to inspire this set of fragrances. She embodied what he saw as the modern ideal of femininity and felt she was the perfect muse for the Si collection. Armani’s mother’s courage, calmness and elegance were what the perfumes were based on – the three qualities that give a woman the enthusiasm and positivity to change the outcome of her day. The idea of modern femininity is what the fragrances try to re-create. The collection of scents are deeply decadent and lavish, but although part of a collection very individual. They aren’t perfumes that are brash and never make too much of a statement, but they are scents designed to be remembered once you leave the room.

Si Eau De Parfum 50ml* – £67.00 at Boots

The first of the Si perfumes to be created, focuses on the notion of saying “Yes”. But how do you capture that essence in a bottle? Using the Chypre perfume concept, Armani managed to contain “Yes” in a fragrance. When sprayed the scent is warm and grounded, something that then turns into a softness that lingers. The top notes of Sicilian bergamot, mandarin oil and liquer de cassis are very juicy and enticing which then transcend into something more floral. Fresh-cut freesia and rich rose de mai give the perfume it’s feminine heart. The base of the scent contains patchouli, creamy amber wood and luminous orcanox, which are left to melt into the skin. It’s definitely a scent that could encourage you to say “Yes” to things that you wouldn’t usually. If you want a sweet-smelling, chic and captivating perfume this Autumn, this would be a great fragrance to try.

Si Eau De Parfum Intense 50ml* – £72.00 at Boots

Si Eau De Parfum Intense is a fragrance for the night. It’s a more intense version of the Eau De Parfum, but still contains the key ingredients of Si. This perfume is darker, more sultry, alluring and very sensual. I feel like this fierce fragrance was created for the very charismatic, confident, independent and sophisticated woman. Beginning with a bergamote essence mixed with cassis neo jungle and accord freesia, the scent is fruity at the start, just like the others. This is mixed with rose de mai superessence, fleur d’oranger absolute, fir balsam absolute and finally benjoin resinoide. To me, this a fragrance that can bring out the glamour, grace and sophistication of any woman. The beautifully powerful scent expresses the “Yes” idea forcefully and takes the original to new, exciting places. The perfume is so strong, but never overpowering, and can last the whole night. I feared that this scent would be very heavy for me, as I’m not usually one to wear these type of intense fragrances, but I loved how it smelled. It’s actually quite hypnotizing.

Si Eau De Toilette 50ml* – £53.50 at Boots

The most recently released Si fragrance, is a more playful and feminine version. The lighter scent is for the spontaneous, free-spirited and risk-taking woman. The woman who says
“Yes” to adventure and who is not afraid to live life to the full, every moment of every day. Designed to be a translucent type of scent, the fragrance combines fresh notes of crisp pear, blackcurrant, mandarin and bergamot with a woody and vanilla base. This scent is definitely my favourite of the three. The soft scent is one that I’ve been wearing on a daily basis. The signature juicy, light and fruity smell produces what is my idea of a great fragrance. It’s also not too heavy and lasts well throughout the day, without the need to re-apply. It can also be layered with the others to create a deeper aroma. If you are thinking about trying one of these perfumes, this is the one I would recommend trying first.

Having been wearing these since I received them, I can honestly say they smell absolutely beautiful and are definitely worth the heavier price tag. They’ve instantly become my go-to’s and are without doubt are my new favourites. Have you tried any of the Giorgio Armani Si perfumes? Please leave comments below.



*Contains PR Samples*

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