The Perfect Autumnal Red Lip

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Red lipstick is an essential makeup item and a beauty staple for most women. It complements almost every look and works for both Spring and Autumn. For Fall, darker colours and statement lips are the focus of beauty looks. I like to opt for deep, wine-like shades for days when I want to wear red lipstick in the Autumn. Maybelline’s Pleasure Me Red lipstick fulfils that need perfectly. Read about this gorgeous lipstick below.

Pleasure Me Red by Maybelline is a traditional, garnet-shaded red. Unlike the post box, bold red lipsticks that have become quite popular, it looks really very elegant and is much more of a classic. The swatch above makes the colour look a little brighter than it actually is, but it’s definitely much more of a currant shade with berry undertones. The beautiful tone is perfect for Fall and would probably suit almost every skin tone. It’s certainly the perfect red for me. Aside from the flawless colour, the actual formula is brilliant also. It’s not to matte or glossy, the balance of the two textures gives a creamy feel to the lips whilst colouring them with a rich and intense shade. The lipstick is enriched with honey nectar, which stops lips from becoming dry (essential in the winter) and keeps them moisturised throughout the day. It lasts for quite a long time and leaves a nice stain behind when it fades. It’s unlike any other lipstick of the same price. When wearing this colour, there are two different looks that I go for. On lazy days, when I can’t be bothered to be so precise, I apply the colour with my finger and blur the edges. This look enhances my lips and looks so stunning in the Winter. The second look I like to wear is the perfectly applied, immaculate red lip. I like to apply the red lipstick with a lip brush . I think you have better control when using this method. I usually reserve this crisp look for special occasions or when I have more time to apply my makeup as it can take a while to get right.

If you haven’t yet tried it, you can purchase Maybelline’s Colour Sensational Lipstick in Pleasure Me Red from Superdrug for £6.99. What’s your favourite autumnal red lipstick? Please leave comments below.



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