Maybelline Big Eyes Eyeliner Review



When I first saw this pencil in Boots, I thought it was such a clever idea. The combination of two complementary colours in one pencil is genius. I decided to pick it up in 01 (white and black). They also had another version available, which was a nude and black duo. Usually I would have opted for the nude shade over white, but wanted to create a white liner look on the lid. See what I thought of the product below.

Maybelline’s Big Eyes Eyeliner is described as a double-ended liner that will give the appearance of bigger and brighter eyes. The white/nude shade should enhance and highlight the eyes inner corner and the lower waterline of the eye, whilst the black pencil should define and intensify your tight line and create a bold look on your upper and lower lids. The two easy steps will make your eyes pop, claim Maybelline.

When using this liner I found it great for creating precise lines on the lids, but not for lining the waterline. The pencil is very harsh on the delicate area of the waterline and tugs at the skin. Neither colour shows up very much on that area and when you do apply to the waterline, the colour seems to disappear after a short amount of time. The white liner is very pigmented and I love how it looks when applied to the upper lid. It really does open up and brighten the eyes, just not in the way Maybelline had intended. Using the white liner on the brow bone, is an awesome alternative to highlighter. You do have to be careful not to use too much on this area though, as it can start to look a little strange. The black shade is a little less intense and appears grey-ish at first. It usually needs a couple of coats and a lot of pressure to become quite an intense black. The pencil is fab for creating a smoky eye. To create a subtle smoky look, I draw a thick line across the lid, and softly blend it out with my finger. It’s very easy to smudge and you can darken the outer corner or lash line for a stronger look. Smudging the black liner along the bottom lash line is another way I like to use the pencil. It’s an easier and quicker way to give definition to the eyes instead of creating a perfect and precise line along the top lash line.

The Maybelline Big Eyes Liner is just £4.99 from Boots. Have you tried the Maybelline Big Eyes Liner? Please leave comments below.



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