Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes Palette Review


 Makeup Revolution is a brand that has been gaining a lot of popularity over the past year or so. They seem to have so many great products that come at very inexpensive prices, something that I’m sure has probably drawn me and a ton of other bloggers to purchase their makeup. Find out what I think about my latest Makeup Revolution purchase below.

The Essential Mattes Palette by Makeup Revolution is a 12 shadow palette that contains both light, dark, warm and cool toned shadows. A variety of looks can be created with the colours – from a light neutral eye to an intense smoky, it’s very versatile. Described as a pure sell-out by the brand, the palette is a perfect mix of neutral shades that give high-colour payoff when applied. Having brought only one other palette from the brand, I was keen to try this selection of shadows.

Matte shadows have always been my go to. A lot of people seem to like shimmery looking lids, I however find that these looks don’t suit me too well and prefer the subtle look of mattes, especially for daytime. Matte shadow palettes can be quite difficult to find, a good one is definitely a rare discovery – especially at the drugstore. When I came across this matte palette at the Makeup Revolution stand, I just had to pick it up. Having used this for quite some time now I’ve realised that the palette has mostly good qualities but also one irritating trait. The shadows are super intense and pigmented which is awesome, but the fall out of each shadow is pretty dramatic. When creating a smoky eye, you will find that the darker shadows with fall down below your eye. This doesn’t happen so much with the lighter shades, but tapping off any excess first is a great idea. I get use out of many of the colours but I feel like the blue and the yellow-ish highlighter shades don’t mesh with the other colours very well. The texture of the shades is buttery smooth and they blend in really easily – something that is usually quite hard to do with matte shadows. I tend to use two of the shades on a daily basis (the seventh and eighth shade), to create a natural but defined look. I use the 7th shade on the lid and 8th in the crease and outer corner. A natural look is easily achievable with this palette. This has definitely taken the place of the Iconic 3 as my favourite palette of theirs.

You can currently purchase the Essential Mattes Palette for £4.00 at Superdrug. Have you tried this Makeup Revolution palette yet? Please leave comments below.



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10 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes Palette Review

  1. I’ve been trying to get into wearing makeup more- so it’s always nice to see a review on a cheaper brand. I just can’t seem to pump myself up for buying expensive makeup. Thanks for the review!

      1. I have Girls On Film (which I have a review on) and Unicorns Unite (review coming soon). I’m working on getting together an order on their website to get some palettes Ulta doesn’t carry.

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