Maybelline Colour Sensational Lip Liner Review

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A while ago I brought my first lip liner, Maybelline’s Colour Sensational Liner in Velvet Beige. This purchase was inspired by Kylie Jenner. Ever since her lips have been talked about, I’ve been wanting to find a drugstore liner that was the perfect colour to create that combination of mauve, pink and brown she often wears. I’ve been comparing liner swatches to MAC’S Soar (the liner Kylie supposedly uses) and this is the closest I’ve come; I think it’s a pretty good match.

The Colour Sensational Liner is described by Maybelline as a liner that won’t smudge, smear, feather or bleed. The product should keep your lip colour looking beautiful and produce smooth, defined and sculpted lips. It shouldn’t be drying, the creamy formula is enriched with honey and should give a reflective shine to the lips. Maybelline also claim that the liner will extend the wear of both lip gloss and lipstick.

Previous to purchasing this product I had never experimented with liner. I always thought it would look very unnatural and believed it was unnecessary to wear. I was so wrong. I’ve been wearing this liner daily since I brought it – this is actually my second one of these! Having liner on the lips before applying any lip colour really helps in making it last longer. This particular liner assists in stopping the colour from fading and bleeding – problems I always had to deal with when just wearing lipstick. It’s also quite a creamy liner, which I didn’t expect. I feared it would dry out my lips and look very matte, but I was pleasantly surprised. As a first time liner wearer, I felt it may be quite difficult to apply, but the liner glided on so smoothly, and gave the most perfect line. If you don’t have a very steady hand but want to wear liner, you should definitely try this out. I haven’t tried any of the other 6 colours yet, but they also look amazing. Hollywood Red and Midnight Plum are next on my list.

See what other products I use to create the Kylie Jenner lip here. You can currently pick up the Maybelline Colour Sensational Lip Liner for £3.99 at Boots. What is your favourite drugstore lip liner? Please leave comments below.



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