My Favourite Real Techniques Base Brushes




Like many bloggers, I’ve found the Real Techniques range a great and affordable way to apply my makeup. I believe that their brushes are the best that the drugstore has to offer. Of the many Real Techniques brushes I own, I’ve picked out my favourite two and the two I use on a daily basis. Carry on reading to see which base brushes I recommend picking up.

The Real Techniques Buffing Brush

I don’t know a single beauty blogger who doesn’t love this brush. Everybody uses it to apply their base makeup. It has become such a staple in my routine, I now use it everyday-single-day. It blends my foundation and any other products I might use into my skin perfectly. The brush spreads the product evenly and gives such an amazing finish to the skin. The brushes are also so soft and just feel so good on the skin. This brush makes applying makeup in the morning such a pleasure. It’s so effortless to get a gorgeous base with the buffing brush. If you haven’t tried it yet, I would urge you to get your hands on it asap.

The Real Techniques Contour Brush

The contour brush by Real Techniques is such a multi-purpose item. Although I mainly use it for contouring, it can also be used to apply blush and other cheek products as well as being great for pressing powder underneath the eyes. It seems to be the perfect size to apply almost any product. It fits perfectly underneath the cheekbones, creating a gorgeous contour and unlike those huge powder brushes that are not great for setting eye makeup, using this you can pick up the perfect amount of product and get into all areas around the eye. Applying blush to the apples of the cheeks is a breeze with this brush too. It’s such a unique tool and could easily be used for almost any task.

You can purchase them both as part of the Real Techniques Core Collection set, £21.99 at Boots. What are your favourite Real Techniques brushes? Please leave comments below.



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2 thoughts on “My Favourite Real Techniques Base Brushes

  1. I love the Expert Face Brush. It’s one of my holy grails but I honestly haven’t reached for it much since I got my Beauty Blender. But I used it today and it reminded me how awesome it is. I like using the Buffing brush &
    Stippling brush to buff/blend out my blush & bronzer.

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