Lip Products That Can Currently Be Found In My Handbag




Swatches (Top To Bottom) – Estee Lauder in Lavish Quartz//Rimmel in Kiss Fatal//Maybelline in Keep It Classy

I have lipsticks in my handbag at all times. I like to carry around a few different colours, it’s the easiest and quickest way to change-up my look. The colours in my handbag at the moment are the shades I’ve been wearing quite often recently. If you haven’t already guessed from the images above, I’ve been loving purple and pinky shades this month. Read about my favourites below.

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Sensuous Rogue Lipstick in Lavish Quartz – £21.00

Since I purchased this gorgeous lipstick, it has been one of my favourites. I’ve been wearing it all Summer and will definitely continue to wear throughout Autumn and Winter. The shade is certainly suitable for all seasons and suits me so well. The lipstick is a very light mauve-pink shade, although it appears darker in the bullet. The formula is very creamy, which is perfect for Winter as it’ll stop lips from cracking and getting sore and dry in the cold. As a bonus, it smells totally amazing.

Rimmel Provocalips Kiss Proof Lip Colour in Kiss Fatal – £6.99

This matte lip colour isn’t something I’d usually wear, but I’ve been experimenting with darker colours and I absolutely love this shade. The swatch doesn’t actually show how dark it is, it dries a very deep purple shade on the lips and is quite vampy. Step 2 of the formula really helps to lock in the colour and it seems to last all day without budging, something that’s quite handy if you can’t be checking your lipstick all day. This will really need to be worn with hydrated lips in the Winter though, as it’s very drying.

Maybelline Colour Drama Velvet Lip Pencil in Keep It Classy – £4.99

This Maybelline lip pencil comes in many colours, my favourite at the moment is this raspberry-toned shade. I’ve been wearing this a lot paired with bare eyes and dewy skin, which I think will look amazing in the Winter. The velvety colour smooth’s onto the lips quite easily and is reasonably moisturising even though it’s a matte pencil. Raspberry shades are always around in the Winter months, I can’t wait to get my hands on some more of these pretty shades.

What transitional shades have you been wearing recently? Please leave comments below.



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2 thoughts on “Lip Products That Can Currently Be Found In My Handbag

  1. Great post! I’m loving the transition into Autumn winter, I’ve been going all out with berry lipsticks, MACs Media is my favourite at the moment & also loving Maybelline colour drama in Berry Much xxx

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