The Lazy Girls Guide To The Simple Summer Base


Bronzing Pearls

Highlighter, blusher, powder, concealer, contour, bronzer, foundation – I just can’t bring myself to wear all of these products on my face, especially in the summer, when I know it’s all probably going to melt off anyway! I found two products that I like wearing in the heat and they give my skin just what It needs for a bright, summer’s afternoon, a slight hint of coverage and a dusting of sun-kissed bronzer.

Base – Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream – £6.99 at Boots

For a summer base I prefer something quite light and something that allows my skin to breathe. I recently rediscovered this Maybelline BB cream and have fallen in love with it over again. I have no idea why I stopped using it! The light, moisturising formula makes it great for the hot weather, it doesn’t sink into your pores or slide around your face which is awesome, but it also has SPF 15 which makes it a perfect match for a summer’s day. This particular formula is also great for treating blemishes as it contains salicylic acid. This helps prevent breakouts, which tend to appear more often when the skin is exposed to heat. Once applied, the formula really smooth’s out the surface of the skin and minimises the appearance of imperfections. It doesn’t provide heavy coverage, but who wants that in the summer. A light base is perfect and provides just what’s needed to enhance my complexion, without looking to made-up.

Bronzer – No7 Perfectly Bronzed Bronzing Pearls – £9.95 at Boots

I don’t regularly contour, I think it looks kind of strange and harsh on the face, especially when you see people who have overdone it. Bronzer however, I love using and I find that it’s definitely an essential for the perfect summer base. I like to use bronzer on all the high points of my face – my forehead, nose, tops of cheekbones and chin. This is where the sun would naturally hit your face and where you would usually get a tan first. Bronzing with these pearls gives a real subtle, warm glow to the skin whilst looking very natural. It’s not orange-looking or shimmery, like some can be, but blends in nicely and is a perfect match for my skin tone. The three coloured pearls in the pot create a really lovely shade, one that’s perfect for adding a healthy, brightening glow to your face. Read my full review of the product here.

Sometimes I also like to apply a little concealer to any blemishes or underneath my eyes, but usually these two products are enough to provide me with a pretty, glowy, bronzed summer base. This is what I’ve been wearing all summer, what products do you use to achieve the perfect summer base? Please leave comments below.



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