My Favourite Drugstore Makeup Brands

Drugstore Brands

Out of the many drugstore brands available, I’ve decided to include only my top three favourites in this post. There are many other drugstore brands that I also love, but I feel these three offer the greatest products for the most amazing prices and are of such good quality. Carry on reading to find out which are my favourites.

L’Oréal – I haven’t been using L’Oréal for as long as the other brands I’ve mentioned in this post, but really fell in love with their products quite recently. None of the products I’ve ever brought from them have ever disappointed me, which is why I thought they deserved a place in this post. I’m unsure of the first product I brought from L’Oréal, but find their newer releases absolutely amazing. The creamy, pigmented glosses are very much one of my favourites at the moment along with the much raved about Infallible Matte Foundation. It’s a totally gorgeous foundation for those who want a full coverage, matte base, that isn’t too heavy. Another product I’m loving is their Super Liner Blackbuster pen. It looks like a thick felt tip, but creates a lovely line every time and is great for easily lining your lids. I may write a review on this liner in the next couple of weeks, let me know if you’d like to see that.

Rimmel – I believe Rimmel were one of the first makeup brands I ever tried. I discovered their makeup when I was a teenager and continue to buy their products to this day. The quality products are so cheap and are definitely worth checking out if you are on a budget. One of the first products I brought from them was a mousse foundation, which I don’t think they actually sell anymore. More recently I have been loving the Kate collections. I’m pretty sure there’s not a blogger out there who hasn’t tried the Kate lipsticks. They are amazing, especially if you love mattes. I also love her nail varnishes and have collected quite a few colours now. I haven’t yet picked up the latest nude range though, what did you think of it? Besides the Kate products, I can’t live without the brands famous pressed powder, which is probably one of the best at the drugstore. Unfortunately I smashed mine a couple of days ago! :(



Maybelline – I started buying Maybelline when I got a little more into makeup and beauty. Having previously only owned a foundation and the odd eyeliner and nail polish, Maybelline enticed me to start experimenting more with makeup and I decided to purchase my first ever lipstick from them. If you read my Top Three Drugstore Lipsticks post, then you’ll know that the first colour I brought from the brand was Coral Tonic, which has become an all-time favourite of mine. One of my holy grail products from the brand at the moment is their Velvet Beige Lip Liner, It’s perfect for creating the Kylie Jenner Lip. I am also a fan of their Baby Skin primer, and every kind of lipstick they stock. I recently picked up their Lash Sensational Mascara and it has become one of my everyday staples. The length and volume it adds to the lashes is incredible and like no other mascara I’ve ever tried from the drugstore. Read my full review here.


 Which drugstore brands are your favourites? Please leave comments below.



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