An Introduction To FRNCH & Seek And Style


French fashion has always been of tremendous interest to me. The French are so stylish, trendy and effortlessly chic, and the clothing created in Paris (one of the largest fashion capitals in the world and home to couture), is consistently so inspired, imaginative and inventive. Recently, I was introduced to the gorgeous, opulent and luxurious Parisian brand, FRNCH, by the lovely Siobhan at Seek And Style (an agency that provides stylish brands to boutiques and retailers across the UK) and I thought I’d share them with you Today.

FRNCH, formally known as the famous label, Lucy Paris, is a fashion house that provides young and modern trendsetters, with stunningly made and affordable clothing. Something you don’t often find anymore. The name of the brand, FRNCH, derives from the names of the owner, Frank and designer, Chloe (both of whom are French themselves). The clothing they create is designed and sampled in the brand’s atelier in Paris (21 Rue de Clare) and then manufactured and produced in the Far East. The garments are of such high quality and made so beautifully, you would not believe they are created for a fast fashion brand. It’s nothing like the fast fashion we have here in the UK, I doubt any of the high-street retailers are of the same quality. So much time and effort goes into constructing and designing these clothes. Making every piece exceptionally beautiful, polished and of the highest standard is one of the brands greatest qualities, and it’s what makes them stand out among a mass of fast fashion brands. FRNCH,  is a brand that a real girl would wear. Their target customer is the cool, sophisticated and laid-back woman. Wearing their pieces gives you a real feel for French fashion and the Parisian way of life. So relaxed, comfortable and simple.



Their current collection for fall 2015 is so lavish and elegant and has some pretty incredible looking pieces, I truly love every single item. Especially the coats. Everyone needs a great coat for autumn, and FRNCH have some wonderful pieces to choose from. I can’t believe I am already thinking about autumn, summer’s not even over yet, although it feels like it is! Choose from cropped bombers, structured tweeds and leather offerings, among many other sophisticated, refined and cool styles. The brand also have some amazing intricately sewn dresses, printed skirts, silky shirts, chunky, knitted jumpers, simple cami’s and one particular dark, moss green jumpsuit that I think is an absolutely beautiful piece for winter. Oh and how gorgeous is that fur coat? I need that piece ASAP. It would look perfect paired with a cute dress or jeans and boots for autumn. I’ll definitely be purchasing most, if not all of my winter wardrobe from FRNCH.


 Visit their website to see more pieces from the latest collection. You can also keep up to date with the brand on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, you should check out Seek And Style’s Instagram page and website, for more information on what the agency does and an introduction to the brands they supply (Motel Rocks, Neon Rose & Les 2 Coquettes). Drop Siobhan an email at for wholesale enquires.

Will you be purchasing any of FRNCH’s Autumn/Winter pieces for next season? Have you heard of the brand before? Please leave comments below.



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