Vichy Dermablend Corrective Cream Stick Review




After trying out and loving the Vichy Dermablend Foundation, I thought I’d pick up another product from the range, the corrective stick. Read my review of the product below.

This product is aimed at anyone who wants a high-coverage, flawless base. It is supposed to conceal moderate to severe skin imperfections, and provide a natural, non-cakey result for up to 14 hours. With buildable coverage, it also claims to be able to hide even the darkest tattoos, and should be suitable for all skin types. The water resistant formula is also non-comedogenic and paraben free.

I brought this product in shade 25 nude. This colour suits me quite well, but I feel it could be a touch lighter. It definitely matches my skin tone better in the summer. Regarding coverage, I think it’s amazing at hiding any light scarring or blemishes on the face. It definitely takes away any redness that you may have and does a brilliant job and disguising any darkness around the eyes. Although the product seems thick, it is extremely easy to blend in and does look natural rather than cakey. It doesn’t feel heavy on the face, it’s quite comfortable and lightweight. I don’t really feel like I have anything on my skin. There are a couple of downfalls with this product; one being the minimal colour range and the other is it’s ability to last on the skin. There are only 5 colours in the range and all seem to be aimed at medium-coloured skin tones. If you are very fair or have darker skin, you’ll find it hard to get the right shade. You could try mixing colours together to find the right colour. The lasting power of the formula is not all that great. A couple of hours after applying the creamy product, it seems to have moved around the face and sunken into the skin. A look I am not a fan of. Unless worn with a lot of powder (which I don’t like to wear on my dry skin) it doesn’t stay in place. It certainly doesn’t last for 14 hours!

If you need quite high-coverage, have oily skin and don’t mind wearing quite a bit of powder then you should try this out, otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it. I much prefer the foundation from the same range. It’s definitely more suited to drier/combination skin types, unlike the corrective stick.

Have you tried any of the Vichy Dermablend products? Please leave comments below



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