What’s In My Beach Bag With Boohoo

Recently, one of my favourite online fashion retailers, Boohoo, contacted me and asked if I’d like to participate in their What’s In My Beach Bag campaign. Just like the popular What’s In My Handbag posts, I’ll be showing you what I have in my bag and what I love to take to the beach.

Bag – This is not your typical beach bag, but it’s what I prefer to take to the beach with me. It’s a lot more stylish than the usual type of beach bags but can’t fit as much in, which I don’t mind. This bag is from River Island, I always take it away with me. The gold flecks in the material make it look super pretty and it glistens gorgeously in the sunlight.

Makeup – Going totally bare-faced at the beach is not for me. I need something on my face. I define my eyes with a little mascara and add some colour to the lips for a more polished look. This L’Oreal lip gloss is a great neutral colour that gives a ‘my lips but better look’. I also take a BB cream to cover any blemishes or apply to my whole face for a more even complexion. A moisturising lip balm is also necessary in hot weather. It keeps lips from drying out and getting burnt.

Perfume – I love wearing perfume and when I go to the beach I like to make sure I take some with me. This Chanel perfume is a classic and makes you smell totally amazing, it’s my current favourite. The floral scent is so feminine and gives a touch of elegance to any outfit.



Playsuit – I always take some kind of coverup to the beach. Whether it’s a kimono or a playsuit, I like to make sure I have something comfortable to slip into if I decide to go shopping or to lunch. This pretty playsuit* is from Boohoo. I love the style and batik type print. It looks amazing paired with gold jewellery and accessories. The colours make it perfect for a Greek holiday.

Sunglasses – Sunglasses are quite an obvious accessory to pack in your beach bag. If I’m not wearing a pair, then I’ll definitely pop some in my bag. They keep eyes protected from the sun, and are the perfect summer holiday accessory. I love the squared shape of these over-sized pink River Island pair. They suit my face shape really well.

Sandals – These pretty River Island sandals are perfect for the beach. When I go on holiday, sandals are literally the only thing I wear on my feet. These ones go with all my summer pieces and are comfortable to walk in. They didn’t cost that much but the beading detail makes them look more expensive than they actually are.
Nail Varnishes & Tools – I can’t just sit and do nothing on the beach, I have to have something to do. I take advantage of the time I have by painting my nails. I like to take a couple of bright, summery nail varnishes and nail files* (how cute are these ice cream ones?) to keep me busy for a while.

Bikini – Everyone needs to take a bikini to the beach. Even if you don’t want to get in the sea, you will get way too hot wearing actual clothing. Sometimes, I like to wear my bikini under my clothing so I don’t have to get changed at the beach, but I usually like to keep it in my bag. This gorgeous aztec print bikini* is from Boohoo. The long line style is super pretty and looks so good on.

Accessories/Jewellery – Accessorising my outfit is something I love doing and when wearing simple clothing on holiday, it’s even more important to accessorise. I switch up my accessories quite often which is why I like to have a few with me at all times. Summer accessories that I have in my beach bag include floral headbands, a floppy hat, cute dainty pendants, small earrings and a few bracelets.

Magazines/Books – I’m pretty sure everyone takes something to read in their beach bag. The beach sometimes gets a little boring and you often need something to help keep you occupied whilst sunbathing. I like to take an array of fashion and celebrity magazines to read. My favourite to read is Vogue.

I also pack my phone, ice creams, face wipes and a cooling spray as well as the necessities; towels, suncream and water.

What do you have in your beach bag? Please leave comments below



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