L’Oreal Paris Infallible Mega Gloss Review

Loreal Main Image 2

Loreal 2 Image

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me post an image of these lip glosses with some other new L’Oreal products recently. I promised you a review and here it is. Sorry it’s taken me so long to write this post. Continue reading for my thoughts on this lip product.

The L’Oreal Mega Glosses are described as a “no compromise gloss” that will give a high level of shine to the lips, leaving you with a glossy looking pout without the sticky feeling. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, the formula hydrates the lips whilst providing long-lasting and intense colour.

Of the many finishes to choose from, I picked up 2 shades from the matte collection. Amen, which is a gorgeous pinky-nude shade (you may have seen it in my perfect nude combination post) and Forgive My Sin, a classic, bright red colour that’s perfect for my skin tone. The glosses are comfortable to wear and are not sticky on the lips. The matte formulation isn’t drying unlike many other matte lip products, although I’m unsure if it actually moisturises the lips. The gloss seems to last around 3 hours, which is great staying power for this type of product. Other glosses tend to disappear off the lips after about an hour. Dissimilar to other products of this category, this lip gloss has a contoured wand that perfectly hugs the lips. It spreads the product evenly across the lips and easily helps to define the cupids bow.

Loreal Lids Off

Loreal Swatches 2

Swatches (Top to Bottom) – Amen//Forgive My Sin

I would definitely recommend these lip glosses. I really want to try out some of the other formulas now, the cream and dazzle finishes look amazing. At only £6.99 you can’t go wrong. Boots are currently running a 2 for £12 offer on L’Oreal products, so now is a great time to try them out.

Have you tried these glosses? Which formulation is your favourite? Please leave comments below.



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4 thoughts on “L’Oreal Paris Infallible Mega Gloss Review

  1. One thing I don’t like about lip gloss is that my hair always gets stuck to it, so after reading this post I think I might try these out! P.s. I love your blog and it would be great if you could check mine out too. xo

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