3 Summer Skincare Tips To Keep You Looking Great This Season

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Image Source – Fashionably Yours

It’s about that time of the year now where most of us will be changing up our skincare routines and trying new products. Summer means baring your skin and having a gorgeous, flawless face takes preparation and a lot of care. Follow my tips below to get your skin ready for the season and keep skin looking fresh and healthy this Summer.

1. Stay Hydrated With A Face Mist

I have been using the Avene Spring Water Spray for over a year now and it’s perfect for cooling you down in the Summer. Face mists refresh the skin and give your face the hydration boost it needs when subjected to the hot Summer weather. The product can also be used to set makeup and keep skin looking dewy throughout the Summer months.

2. Switch Up Your Moisturiser

Thick creams and lotions are amazing for your skin in the Winter, but are hard for your skin to properly absorb in the warmer months and can make you look oily. Summer calls for a lighter moisturiser. If you already use a light lotion stick to this, if not find a formula that will hydrate and give the moisture needed without over-loading your skin.

3. Don’t Forget To Use SPF

SPF fights aging, protects against skin cancer and will reduce the chance of pigmentation in the skin, which is why we should all be using it. Apart from that it also keeps you from getting burnt and looking red, which is not a good look. Whilst protecting your skin, wearing sun lotion will also help your makeup layer on smoothly and evenly.

Do you have any Summer skincare tips? Please leave comments below.



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