Tips For Designing A More Inspirational Office Space

Main Office Image

Image Source: Deco Crush

An inspirational office or workspace is key to being more productive and enthusiastic about work. The place that you go to work should inspire you and help you to be creative when working. Whether you are just getting started with a new office or revamping your current work space, (which is what I am trying to do at the moment) below you will find 3 tips that are great for anyone who wants to create a space that’s perfect for getting you inspired and excited about work.

1. Lots of Storage

Having enough storage in your office is so important. It decreases clutter and helps you easily find things that you need, so you’re not always searching around for everything. My office isn’t organised at all currently. It can take me up to half an hour to find something which wastes a lot of time and is very distracting. Having specific spaces for things will keep everything neat and tidy. You should only keep the essential everyday items on your desk, such as pens, notepad, books etc and everything else should be stored away.

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Image Source: Camille Styles

2. Inspirational Quotes & Images

Everyone finds a plain sheet of paper so uninspiring, the same goes for a blank white wall. Images related to your field of work or study and inspirational quotes scattered around your office or on the walls will be very beneficial to you throughout the day. They will encourage you to get on with your work, and remind you of what you came in to your office to do. We all tend to get bored and distracted when working, but these images and quotes will be there helping to inspire you and will be effective at keeping you motivated. A wall of images and quotes will also help give the work space a more personal and individual look.

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Image Source: Bodie & Fou

3. Natural Lighting

Being creative and ready to work depends on your mood. Natural light is known to enhance your mood and encourage you to be more productive. It also decreases the likeliness of headaches and eyestrain whilst you’re working. Using this knowledge, a workspace should be in an area of your house that has a source of direct light, at a large window perhaps. Since moving my office to another part of the room, (in front of a window) I have realised that I am producing much better work and have been happier whilst working. If your office is in a windowless space, make sure you have enough lighting, or think about moving to another room.

Office Space Image 5

Image Source: My Scandinavian Home

I hope you have found these tips helpful and will think about using them to create your perfect work space. I’m definitely going to try out the inspirational wall idea; it will look amazing in my home office.

Do you have any tips for creating a more inspirational work space? Please leave comments below.



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