Favourite Lipstick Shades For Spring

Summer Lipsticks2

Summer Lipsticks1

Swatches (Top to Bottom) – Kiss Pearl//Excite//Rose Mademoiselle

 Spring is finally here (although it doesn’t seem like it at the moment), and it’s time to start switching up our makeup, bringing more lighter and brighter shades into our look. Gone are the bold berry and dark plum Winter lip shades, neutrals and brights are about to become your new favourites. Take a look at some of my Spring preferred shades below.

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in Kiss Pearl – A very light pinky-nude shade that gives a shimmery effect to the lips. I don’t usually wear this shade alone (as it’s pretty light), but sometimes if I don’t want to go for a brighter shade I will just swipe this across my lips. It gives a soft pearlescent look to them, which complements light Spring makeup. I picked this shade up from the Maybelline pearl collection, it was around £7.00. See my full review of these here.

RiRi Hearts MAC Lipstick in Excite (Unsure if this is the right shade name) – Not entirely sure how to describe this shade, its got orange undertones and it seems to enhance, deepen and mimic your natural lip colour. Almost a reddish-coral shade. It’s a very soft and creamy lipstick, that glides onto the lips easily. When faded it leaves a gorgeous stain on the skin, which is something that I really like about it. It effortlessly makes your lips look perfected whilst wearing.

L’Oreal Rogue Caresse Lipstick in Rose Mademoiselle – This barbie pink shaded lipstick gives a nice light wash of colour to the lips, which can be built up to give a more intense look. It’s much more like a balm, rather than a lipstick though. It’s balm like qualities make it very moisturisng (it definitely stops lips from drying out) and great for the no-makeup, makeup look this Spring. It is only £7.99 from Boots at the moment.

What lipstick shades do you like to wear in the Spring? Please leave comments below.



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5 thoughts on “Favourite Lipstick Shades For Spring

  1. Some such pretty colours!! Love your blog would be fab if you could check it out my latest post too xx

  2. OMG, These colors are Spring Heaven! Thanks for sharing beautiful!
    I have a giveaway going on, on my blog. So check it out!

    xoxo, Makeup By Micaylah

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