Interior Design – Black & White Inspiration

Black And White19

Knowing how to decorate your home or what style to choose can be difficult, especially as there are so many different trends/fashions to choose from. Over the next few months I will be putting together some collections of different interior design styles that I like over on my Pinterest account as well as posting some styles on this blog. If you would like to see more of these type of posts please let me know in the comment section below.

A trend in interior design at the moment and a style of design I really like is black and white. Black and white interior design looks very clean, modern and stylish and is a trend that is timeless. It will never go out of style. The simplicity of monochrome design is what gives it appeal. The look can easily be updated, without too much effort. The easy task of changing your rug or cushions can give the room a totally different look. Accessories are key when decorating your home in this fashion. Cushions, rugs, lamps, mirrors & other pieces will give your space a more personal and individual look and feel, without taking anything away from the simplistic design.

Logging into Pinterest, you will find thousands of images showing you this type of interior design. I have selected a few for this post that have inspired me. Check out my Pinterest board for more (link below).

Black And White12  Black And White13

Black And White15  Black And White1

Black And White20

Source: All images have been taken from Pinterest. You can find them all on my Interior Design Board along with many others. Follow me on Pinterest by clicking this link.

Do you like this style of interior design? Please leave comments below.



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One thought on “Interior Design – Black & White Inspiration

  1. Black & white, such a timeless classic style!
    I love that toilet which is full of framed photos on the wall, who could have imaged a toilet this stylish and beautiful…

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