5 Tips For The Perfect Winter Base

Perfect Base Edit 1

Winter is now here and our radiant Summer glows are fading. Dull, rough and dry skin caused by Winter’s cold winds and central heating mean we need to switch up our makeup routines and take extra care of our faces. In this post, I will discuss my top tips for keeping your face makeup looking fresh, natural and glowy during the cold Winter months.

1. Colour Match – Your skin tone in the Winter months will be a lot paler than it was during Summer. To keep makeup looking natural, choose a base that’s at least one shade lighter than your Summer foundation and that perfectly matches your facial skin. A moisturising formula is also best for Winter.

2. Glowing Skin – Luminous and dewy finishes look amazing in Winter. They help to hide dry, flakey skin and make skin look bright, highlighted and perfected. Matte finishes are also fine to use, as long as your skin is super hydrated and the product doesn’t point out uneven skin texture or dry patches.

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3. A Light Dusting Of Bronzer – Using your Summer bronzer or fake tan in the Winter months will look very unusual and orange in the harsh Winter light. Use a colour that’s 1-2 shade’s darker than your skin tone for a very natural look or use a slightly darker foundation to give a bronzed, healthy glow to the skin.

4. A Pop Of Colour – Bring colour back to your dull cheeks by brightening them up with blush. A red or pink shade will make you look alive and healthy, not washed out by the Winter air. Apply a cream blush or cheek tint on the apples of the cheeks and along the cheek bones, where you naturally blush.

5. Moisturise – Mosituising should be an essential part of your daily routine, and even more so during the Winter months. Use a hydrating, nourishing mosturiser to keep skin healthy and supple. Whilst keeping dryness and flaking at bay, this will also give your makeup a flawless and smooth look.

What’s your best-kept Winter makeup secret?



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