Makeup Tricks #1

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Over the past few years I have collected makeup tricks and learnt new ways of making my makeup look better. These tips will help you to achieve the perfect look every time and make applying makeup much simpler. Please carry on reading this post to learn some of the tricks I have picked up.

1. Powder Your Lips – To make lipstick last longer apply your colour, blot, powder and reapply. Doing this helps the pigment stick to your lips and remain in place all day.

2. Dark Circle Eraser – Apply concealer in the shape of a triangle under your eyes to hide dark circles. This highlights the whole area and will make eyes look brighter.

3. Blush – The Two Finger Rule – Apply your blush two fingers out from your nose. Your blush will look more natural and colour will be placed where you naturally blush.

4. Heat up Your Lash Curlers – Heat up eyelash curlers with your hairdryer so lashes curl easier. This trick will make lashes look much longer and they will be curlier than ever before.

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5. Pluck after You Draw – Draw on your eyebrows and then pluck them into the shape that you want. By doing this you only pluck what you need to and get the perfect shape.

6. Clear Over Black – Apply one coat of clear mascara over the top of any black mascara. The clear mascara will seal in the black and stop it from crumbling and smudging throughout the day.

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7. Eyeshadow Will Keep Liner In Place – Apply eye shadow on top of your waterline to stop your eyeliner from fading. This trick will keep liner in place and you wont have to reapply it.

8. Concealer + Eye Cream = Perfect Coverage – Mix your concealer and your eye cream and blend together. The eye cream will help to keep the eye area hydrated and your concealer won’t settle in fine lines.

9. The Slanted Hashtag – Draw a slanted hashtag on the outer corners of your eyes, and then blend. This ensures you will get a perfect smoky eye every time.

10. Take off Your Red Lipstick – Apply red lipstick then take it off for naturally red looking lips. Having red lips without lipstick on looks very natural and is great for a barely there look.

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What makeup tips do you use?

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please leave comments below.



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