My Top 5 Summer Makeup Tips


1. Lighten Your Base – Heavy face makeup doesn’t look great in the Summer. Swap your foundation for a tinted moisturiser or bb cream. These sheer formulas are less likely to turn cakey in the heat and will leave you with a radiant dewy glow. I like to make my own tinted moisturiser by mixing my foundation with my moisturiser. This helps to even out my complexion, and makes me look fresher and more awake without feeling heavy in the heat. To keep makeup looking good, I use a water spray over my face throughout the day. I’m liking the Avene Eau Thermale Spring Water Spray at the moment, which can also be used for setting makeup.

2. Stick To Bright Or Nude Lip Colours – Rich, deep colours are great for Autumn/Winter makeup looks but you don’t want to wear them in the Summer. Vibrant colours on your lips will instantly brighten your face and make teeth look whiter while nude shades will keep you looking natural and enhance your lip colour. Stay away from lipsticks as they will feel too heavy and instead opt for a coloured balm or lip stain. I love the Rose Tinted Vaseline and the Baby Lips Balms and think they are great options to go for in the Summer. They both give lips a subtle hint of colour that is perfect for the season.

3. Keep Eyes Clean & Fresh – Stick to only waterproof or clear mascara on beach days while maybe adjusting your look to include liner in the evenings. I don’t particularly like wearing eyeshadow in the heat, but shades you can wear include shimmery coppers, golds, peaches and pinks. These colours will enhance your complexion and offset a summery bronzed skin tone. You definitely shouldn’t wear any dark colours on your eyes, as these will smudge in the heat and end up looking messy. Eye makeup should be simple and look clean.

4. Use A Bronzer – Everyone looks better when they use a bronzer. It adds some warmth to the skin and looks great when used properly. Use bronzer on the high points of the face where the sun would normally catch you. The cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin should be bronzed slightly to give the look of a natural tan on the face. Do not bronze the whole face as this looks unrealistic and unnatural which is not a look you want. I am currently using The No7 Perfectly Bronzed Bronzing Pearls which add the perfect amount of bronzer and shimmer to my face.

5. Make Time For Primer – I don’t always tend to wear primer as my makeup usually seems to stay put without it, but during the Summer months I make sure that I always use it, as it helps a lot in making sure your face stays the way you want it to. Primer provides a smooth base for your makeup, hides pores, prevents shine and will hold your makeup in place all day. Although this means another layer on your face, it’s very light and you barley notice that it’s there. I think a primer is an essential for your Summer beauty routine.

I hope you have all enjoyed this post. Please share your Summer makeup tips with me below.



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