Rita Ora’s Collection For Rimmel


I’m guessing most of you may already know about this, but as I am really excited for it I thought I’d do a post on it anyway. Today I’m talking about Rita Ora’s nail and lip collection for Rimmel, which will be released on 19th March (not too much longer to wait now). I seriously can’t wait to try out the collection, especially the 12 new nail paint colours which are pop-art inspired and have very cool and creative names such as Breakfast In Bed, Pillow Talk, Lose Your Lingerie and Midnight Rendezvous. The lip crayons also look amazing, I’m wondering if they’ll be as good as the Revlon ColorBurst Balms which I love.

Rita Ora Rimmel Collection

The nail collection includes various colours ranging from deep mysterious purple to the lightest candy pink. The names relate to the colours very well, for example Let’s Get Nude is obviously a nude hued varnish and Don’t Be Shy is a bright hot pink colour. Personally, I love all of the 12 shades and will probably end up buying the entire range. The packaging of the nail varnishes is also very cool and arty, with ingenious stamps on the caps of the bottles, showing the nail color on a woman who looks suspiciously like Rita Ora. The stamps are also signed by the singer.

Rita Ora Nail Varnish

She has also created some new bold lip colours for Rimmel, in a crayon-like form. I have to say I’ve never tried the Colour Rush Balms before, but they look really nice and the colours really bright and wearable. Rita Ora Instagrammed a picture of the lip crayons along with details about the products.  ‘My favourite thing chewing as a kid…’Crayons’ Now I’ve made my own lipstick just like a crayon but don’t eat it!!! #allredeverything #smellslikecandy #firstlook!!’ I can’t wait to test them out.

Rita Ora Lip Crayons

Rita Ora said “It was so much fun working with Rimmel, I guess we’re inspired by many of the same things – fashion, colour, sounds, style, life in general and London in particular. I hope Rimmel girls everywhere will love these colours as much as I do!”

I also thought I’d tell you about another collection in this post. It was just announced yesterday at Phillip Lim’s Fashion Show that he will be collaborating with Nars Cosmetics. They will create a number of limited edition nail colours together, which are to launch in August. Models at Phillip Lim’s Autumn/Winter 2014 show wore the main shade of the collection that will be released along with eight others, later in the year. The colour they wore at the show was a deep purple-grey shade, which gives you a feeling that the colours will be very autumnal with a lot of deep and dark hues such as greys, reds and dark greens.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. What do you think about the Rita Ora inspired lip and nail colours? Will you be rushing to the drugstore on the 19th March to get yours? Please leave comments below.



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