What’s In My Bag?

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers who have posted articles and videos on their blogs recently about what they have stashed away in their handbags. I really like these posts as I’m very nosy and thought that you guys may want to have a peek into my bag too. This post will show you things I carry around with me everyday.

My Handbag

So this is the bag that I carry around with me most days, sometimes I like to use a different bag for a change but this is the one I mainly use. I brought it from River Island for £35, which I think is a great price for it. I love it, it looks quite smart but also casual. You could take it to work or with you shopping, it’s very versatile. The neutral colours (brown, taupe and cream) and shape of the bag are what attracted me to it. I think it was a great purchase and even though it’s inexpensive the quality is very good.

Contents Of My Bag

So what’s in my bag…

Phone – My Blackberry Curve which I can’t live without is the first thing in my bag. I always go out with it, It’s how I contact everyone. I don’t think I’d be able to live without my phone.

Camera – I carry around my camera (Nikon Coolpix) to take images of things that inspire me as well as to take images for this blog. I always see things when I’m out and about that influence me and I need to be able to capture those things, whether it be art, architecture or people.

iPod Touch – I carry this around as my phone usually runs out of battery very quickly which makes having another device with me ideal.

Purses – I’m not sure why but I have two purses in my bag. I got my cute penguin purse from Primark for around £2. I think it was from the children’s section. My other purse is from River Island, it is a creamy colour and has a lot of top-stitching detail. I’m not sure how much it was, I’ve had it for quite a while.

Passport – I’m not too sure why I have this with me all the time, but sometimes I need to use it for ID as I don’t have a driver’s licence. I think it’s been in there since I last went on holiday in September.

Keys – Obviously I also carry my keys in my handbag. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to get back into my house.

Assortment Of Makeup – I usually have some makeup in my handbag so that I can touch up my face throughout the day. Items include a lipstick, mascara, concealer and powder.

Magazine – I always carry around a magazine with me, as I love reading about the latest trends and fashion stories. It also gives me ideas for blog posts.

Book – The book that I am currently reading is The Devil Wears Prada. I like to have it on me as it’s something to read whilst travelling around London. It’s quite old and I’ve read it before but I really like it and couldn’t help but read it again.

Diary/Notepad – I always have this on me as ideas are always popping into my head and if I don’t jot them down I’ll forget what they are. I also keep to-do lists and shopping lists in my diary.

A few other things I like to have with me are my earphones, a pen, a hair brush, a few bits of jewellery, some nail varnishes, baby lips lip balm, a mirror and some mints

I hope you all enjoyed this post. What do you carry around in your handbag? Tell me what you think below, comments are welcome.



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